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Friday, March 6, 2009

Netbeans Technical session

I organized an OSUM meeting in my campus on February 28 in which I discussed about various programmes by SUN Microsystems for the benefit of students and teachers like OSUM, SAI and gave a technical demonstration on project development using Netbeans6.5 which was the most interesting part of the session.

Since the audience I targeted were mostly second year students well trained in their curriculum subjects like C++ and Operating Systems but having little or no background knowledge of Java, but were much enthusiastic to learn it. So, I planned to show them how easily and quickly can the projects be developed using Netbeans without the need of having a strong command on the language.

I began by telling them how easy and fun would C++ programming be in Netbeans, and hence can be used for their daily assignments. I introduced Netbeans as the IDE which they shall be using exhaustively in most of their future projects. Bundled with JavaSE,JavaEE, JavaME, JavaScript, Ruby, application and database servers and much more, Netbeans offers support for just anything one can think of!
I developed a sample project each in JavaSE, JavaEE and JavaME by typing down minimum number of Java Code lines by just using other features of Netbeans like drag and drop etc. trying to keep the complexity of the project minimum, so that it can be easily understood by the audience.
Students were really fascinated to see ease of development it offers in Mobile application in JavaME, after watching the development of a 'Login and Welcome' application in which I just typed in a single line of Java Code!
Everyone was willing to adapt Netbeans as their IDE at the end of the session.
At the end their was a usual quiz session with exciting goodies to be won. Netbeans DVDs were distributed among the Club members so than they can experiment, play and learn.

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