Earth Hour

Friday, May 1, 2009

Its hot !

ufff.. hot summers.. its chilling out here
and I am feeling this place.. more like a cage..
this place will always be, the 1 which anyone would like to flee
But this hostel life has not really been totally wasteful
now look here we are taught so many good lessons-

> The calm and cool Birthday celebrations ( i hope u get it.) taught us the lesson of non-violence and brotherhood as never before.. The way we guys congratulate and greet others on their B'days ( well its the time which is much more awaited by all other than only d b'day boy ) .. m talkin abt d birthday bumps yar.. its way of living in a society. It shows the existence of immense intimacy between guys of King's Palace-3 . yeah thats what true friendship seems to me!
> The delicious food ( Oh Paneer!!! yummy. look I started developing a taste for it ). It teaches us to respect the food and be thankful to hostels mess authorities for the little we are getting in our hostels ( mind the word 'little') :)
as such paneer is the only source of energy here for vegetarians like me
> Watching movies even a day before exams doesnt really teach us anything but its just to tell that we are sharp enough to vomit in few tragic hours of exams all what in entire semester's class we never thought of giving an ear to.
Anyways its true that theres a beautiful dawn awaiting after a gloomy night.
> Games !!! oh yes. playing it whole night really helps a lot in building ones concentration and keeping ones mind from silly thoughts and earthly tensions. its a divine thing to do. and yes ofcourse it keeps your laptops from rusting.

I really feel everyone should atleast ones experience this hostel life, full of fun . among all this you really do discover some true friends with whom you would like to hang out ( else they are always ready to Hang you out and then get themselves hung too). u rarely find such idiots!