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Monday, March 22, 2010

Tablet War Begins

After the launching of a yet another success product from Microsoft, i.e. Windows 7, after Windows XP, which was one of the most successful of the MS products. MS came up with several new innovations in its new OS, including the "Multi Touch interface", although the concept was existing even before the launch of Win7, but it still was lacking a completeness, fully support and a tight integration with an OS. It literally warmed up the technical market. As you all might be aware of, now Ubuntu also comes with support for multi touch screen display. But with the onset of the OS' supporting multi-touch displays, the market seems to be hit by many Tablet PC products, like Apples hits the market by its new I-PAD, soon the race was caught up by NotionInks ADAM, and JKKs Hanvon to make things 'not so simple' to Apple.
Here I have compiled a list (not exhaustive) of features for these products:-

Note that, there are many more to join ( and probably joined already) the crowed of Tablet PC production. But whatever it is, one thing is sure, there is no limit to innovation and there is always infinite scope for doing the new.

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