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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dreams come true!!!

I have been recently hired as the Sun Campus Ambassador of KIIT-U, Bhubaneswar, India. Since the time I wrote my first Java program I was deeply affected by the simplicity of java yet its enormous potential, which slowly aroused my interest in knowing other Technology solutions from SUN.This growing interest led me to study javaSE, javaEE, javaME etc. and successful completion of several projects based on these technologies.
I felt overjoyed when I learnt that I have been selected as the next Campus Ambassador for my college, as now I can see a whole lot of opportunities to shape up my dreams about knowing the technology closely, have interaction with experts from round the globe, make friends world-wide who share common interest, same passion and zeal within like mine, opportunity to get certified directly by SUN, and of course a closer outlook of the working of a technology giant firm in corporate sector.
Well appreciated and supported by friends and mates, I am making my way through materializing various activities for the betterment of students of our college by letting them know about the current cutting-edge technology and many other interesting activities.

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