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Saturday, January 24, 2009

truly OSUM (awesome) !!!

Here is a community in which you might be interested. OSUM (pronounced "awesome") is a global community of students that are passionate about Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and how it is Changing (Y)Our World.
OSUMs provide students with training in cutting edge technologies in demand by the IT industry, access to resources to advance their careers and the opportunity to make friends through engaging and fun technology-based activities. Students will reap substantial benefits which include-
  • Support for FOSS ( Free and Open Source Softwares)
  • Hands- on training via Tech Demos and Student Projects to learn technologies that can lead to promising careers in the IT industry
  • Tools, ideas and opportunity for student projects, contests and more
  • Ready access to free and low-cost student resources, such as the SAI (free trainng and discounted certification)
    • SAI offers loads of tutorials on all the SUN technologys
    • HUGE discount !!! on SUN Certification exams ( $40 instead of $200)
    • free ePractice exams for Sun Certification preparation and  much more
  • Communities create opportunity for collaboration
  • Make lots of like-minded (technical) friends through the Sun OSUM global community
  • Have access to a variety of OSUM events such as Software Freedom Day, University Day, etc.
  • Media kits & Give-aways
So, join this group and be a part of our Open Source family and enjoy the benefits. :)
you can find me here.
be a part of KIIT-U SUN club here.

Feel free to tell about this wonderful club to all your friends.

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