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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Participate in Project NPTEL

Here is an interesting project and a great opportunity to participate in India's largest open courseware initiative Project NPTEL by IIT-M.

In the true spirit of being 'open' , volunteers are solicited to help to transcribe the video lectures into text.
Of course, due recognition will be awarded.

IIT Madras' NPTEL project is rated 4th among the world's e-learning
intiatives & this is a great way to contribute and make it even better.

The IIT Madras has made video lectures of all IITs & IISc professors' lectures on various subjects, for details or

Now they want to transcribe them into written format. So, our task will be, to listen the video lectures & write down whatever the professor says.

This is beneficial for you anyway, as you'll be getting the material from top professors of IIT & IISc. Computer Science, EC, ME, IT, EE etc all branch's various subjects are covered in this. Getting IIT's quality education is dream of every student, isn't it :-)

Therefore, any branch student who is interested in this, please give their names & email id.So Hurry up friends..

1. Name :
2. Email :

Looking forward to your confirmations to contribute.


Anurag Sharma

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  1. sir may i get some tips how to make project in java.what is first step.
    thanku sir.
    abhay pratap singh


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