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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My first ever Session...

Here is something to share.
Last Sunday I conducted a little casual type of OSUM meeting just to brief up the interested students (especially of 2nd years) about SUN, its technologies, OSUM, SAI and the benefits its going 2 share with us. I got a mass of interested students (more than 50) attending the session (45 mins approximately) willingly!

I got amazed to know that though majority of them were not knowing of Java Programming
(since it was not in their course till now) but they had much enthusiasm to learn it and go for the Certifications as well!!!

Opposite to what I expected and adding to my astonishment, there were 5-6 people who came forward showing their extreme interest in going for SUN Certification in near future and are eager to derive benefits out of SAI !
Many were curious to know about various SUN Technologies which I assured them to be discussed in future OSUM meetings .

At the end I had a brief quiz. I asked few questions to them and the ones who came up with correct answer got SUN goodies ( Open Solaris Student pack, Netbeans DVD, SUN pen, SUN keyrings etc.)

Since it was my first demo I ever conducted. I was a bit nervous about it and a bit uncertain about the response. But it all went so well. Thus making me to think an urgent need of other such demos. I think I would be conducting another session very soon.
It boosted my confidence a lot... A nice and exciting experience altogether..

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