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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Another KIIT-Sun Club get-together

It was only this Saturday ie 21st March'09 and the KIIT- Sun Club was all set to organize a Technical demo on OpenSolaris2008.11.
It was primarily focused for the 1st and 2nd year students who do not know the intricacies of the operating systems and the specialities of OpenSolaris, in order to equip them with the basic knowledge of OpenSolaris Operating System, but was equally open for interested students of all the years and branches. And to my surprize I got the students for the 3rd years also joining me in the talk and few were found much interested to know the correlation between modern Linux and opensolaris as they look alike to them.
I started with the history of opensolaris project and later on introduced them with the tools to be used late in that session i.e. Virtual Box. Smart IT students didn't take it any longer to understand the underlying basics and working of Virtual Box as most of them have already seen some kind of Virtualization agents earlier. Few seemed to be already using Virtual Box, but still they liked to listen to the basics of the concept of Virtualization. Testing entirely different and new operating systems on their Windows preloded systems provided by the college, have never been so easy and risk free for them. Watching the Guest operating system run inside the host machine was though some kind of a magic to few but nonetheless all were keen to know the steps to do it. After covering the basics I demonstrated the steps for building Virtual Machines inside Virtual Box and how can the guest OS be installed in it safely.
I later showed them Opensolaris working perfectly fine in the Virtual Box ( preinstalled on my computer). Then after giving them a brief overview of the opensolaris I talked about the exciting features and opensolaris like DTrace and promised them to carry on this topic in future sessions.

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