Earth Hour

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yet another tremor shook the souls at Bhubaneswar.

Well it was around 2 o' clock night with most of the people deep in their sleep at KP3 hostel, when we were hit by yet another earth quake. Though it was mild here, but strong enough to shake awake few of my sleeping friends. I noticed about this major piece of action going on here, when two of my friends shook me with their full strength ( I guess it was no less than 10-12 on Richter scale ;) , which struck me when I was peacefully asleep ) , still not strong enough to make my nerves active. It took me another 10 minutes to realise what had happened. I could hear students shouting and yelling ( But this is not new to our hostel. We have full freedom of expression here :) ). But as the case with me, majority of us got to know about the event from the fellow mates, only after it was gone ( just like Indian Police! ). But whatever the case may be, this event triggered many hot talks and fuming discussions here among boys. I could listen to few words which popped up every now and then like -'earth-quake','tsunami' ( what ? TSUNAMI !!! I really am scared of it.. Can I make a boat out of my study table? or using bed would be better idea? :) )
These increasing terrorist activities, bomb blasts every now and then, and now earth-quakes, tsunami, drastic weather changes, global warming, pollution, Swine Flu! are they not signals by mother nature indicating something? It sounds like a threat to me. We all shall be wiped off from the crust if we continued our greedy actions..
But at such hard times, one deeply feels the need of the loved ones to stay next to us. It makes one realise the true worth of relationships.


  1. yep i too missed this (i cant say but for me this is a )one time sounded exciting and made me feel wonderful at the thought that it united all the people with one feeling .at the same time it made me feel that man is still powerless in front of nature.

  2. ya it was a good exprnce! i was talkin to my frnd at durgapur... wahan bhi aaya tha! dono jann baat karte karte ruk gaye the... then all the halla n all...

    n anurag tumhe n "You don't need to know my name" ko aur aise experiences chahiye ho to tell me...isse zyade powerful earthquakes feel kara sakte hain! waise i do kno ur name ;) kabhi mere saath experience karna then shayd u'll modify ur last line a bit!


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