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Monday, August 3, 2009

My Experiments with Java..

I am a guy who had Computer Science as his main subject in 12th standard and I still remember its since that time I developed a passion for programming languages. I remember the time we were taught Basic programming in school, there was nothing more boring than programming for me at that time. As the classes went by there haven't been any improvement in me, until I was introduced with C++ in 11th standard. I dont know what compelled me through it. May be the excellent teaching style of Hasan Sir, our beloved computer teacher :) We never realized that among so much fun and enjoyment in our Computer classes we were actually making our way through programming fundamentals and later on most of us would land up in there lives at places which would inextricably attached with programming. Well that was the beginning of programming for me, I would rather say.

Java... I remember I heard it for the first time in class 7th from my computer teacher. I didnt know anything more than just its name. At that time computers meant no more than a dull boring Black screens placed in our school labs, which knows some DOS commands, for me. Java seemed interesting.. :) or rather 'sounded' interesting! I decided to learn it sooner or later. But then we make so many plans in our lives when we are young. And as it happens with me always, I forgot even that. It wasnt until my B-Tech 1st year, that again the term 'Java' got refreshed in my mind. Actually it was an informal geeky (rather we all were trying to sound as geeky as possible!) conversations among friends at college hostel. There one of my dear friend put up this term & again I was reminded of my plans of childhood :) (sounds comical)

Well then it was the summer holidays of 2nd year and then I decided to try my hands out on something new. And what else can be it other than Java at that time. I just dived my college library and came out satisfied with a thich 1000 pages book on Advanced Java in hands. I happily took it home and then spent 2-3 days just to understand its starting 2-3 pages. :) It began with Multi-threading !!! that was the first topic I started with!
anyways.. it happens.. I kept on trying and consistently practicing all the programs and soon I had a large collection of my Java programs and gradually the 4 letters of 'Java' started getting clearer in my mind. And just few months more and I was the champ in Java among our friends !! ( i know I boast sometimes ) Another friend Raju, who started with C# at nearly the same time when I picked up Java, too started making cool applications in it. We used to spend hours together competing with each other, challenging each other on programming problems. He used to do it in C# and by now you all very well know what language I used:) ... This is called a healthy beginning. Later I self-studied JavaME an JavaEE, created applications ranging from stupid games to challenging problems. Here are few of my startup programs in Java. freely available and distributable, thats what open-source is all about! -

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