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Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Leap towards Open Source... We too are in the race !

Here is some good news for the open-source supporters.. KIIT-U finally started its endeavours towards going completely open-source. This year the new-comers would be introduced to work on open-source platforms and softwares. The initiation has been done by the Technical Leads of our college along with a set of 4th year guys including me :P , by setting up the new user group for the upcoming new open-source enthusiasts in our college, where they can find the answers to all their queries related to open-source softwares and Unix-based systems. Lets look forward with a hope that the freshers joining the insti would make use of this opportunity to the fullest. They would not only be provided with Unix based OS pre-installed on their systems, which they shall shortly be getting, but they will also enjoy the full support for the Open Source softwares on the local repository of our college. All the laboratories would adapt to the open-source alternatives thereby promoting the zeal of open-source among the freshies.
I really appreciate this campaign and am happy to be a part of this :) . I hope, soon I would be accompanied by all my fellow mates in this effort.

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