Earth Hour

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mother Nature

Here are the lines written by a 15 year school girl. It indeed reminds us of our long forgotten nature and provokes us to again ponder on our actions.

Mother Nature

The lap of soothing comforts for all
With selfless care for all
Where all worries vanish, with no blemish,
Where the delicate colours of the rainbow,
Stretch themselves in the sky,
Birds sing, high and higher they fly.
Trees bear sweet fruits of affection,
Rivers linger through cresses with anticipation
This, nature through its humble phase,
confers on man a graceful place.
Man today in his passionate greed,
cutting down trees without need,
The smoke looming high from chimneys,
Toxicants thrown into rivers by industries.
Exploring, exploiting, denuding, eroding...
Man is gradually destroying his own living.
Benumbing, choking the Mother Nature.
Forgetting all her cares and nurture.
Tomorrow someone will surely ask:
Who is Mother Nature?
The barren lands with no life?
Or the carcasses of early extinct animals?
Is it???
So, can't we be kinder to nature,
for all her care and nurture?
can't we strive today,
So that never comes this tomorrow.
So that Mother Nature never cease to grow.
Can't We???

--Anjali Sharma
( fortunately, who is my beloved sis )


  1. excellent thoughts towards mother nature by this girl.I think the author of this post should admit that girls are more caring and more expressive about fundamental issues which need attention.

  2. But the author of the previous comment should realise that merely being more expressive about the issues is of less use, so, lets be more practical in our approach. Lets implement the little we plan, rather than just keeping every planning safe & secure within a pile of papers :)


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